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Hello Competitive Pilots! With the Alliance Member cutoff for teams wishing to participate in Alliance Tournament XIV now having passed, we are able to reveal the ruleset for this year&rsqu

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YULAI – Contracts issued against Serpentis assets through the Scope Network continue to attract capsuleers willing and able to take up the fight against the infamous V. Salvador Sarpati and t

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Serpentis Capital SKINs Available In The New Eden Store!

We're happy to announce that a new selection of Serpentis Corporation SKINs fo... More »

Signups for AT XIV are closing soon!

Hello Glorious Spaceship Gladiators Signups for Alliance Tournament XIV are closing s... More »

Discounts on PLEX, Starter Packs and more: Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is offering considerable discounts on EVE Online virtual items with... More »

Billboard Submissions Are Now Open!

A couple of months ago we held a contest inviting players to submit their own ads to... More »

Next Two EVE Vegas 2016 Ticket Holder Draw Winners Announced!

On June 10th we announced the EVE Vegas 2016 ticket holder’s draw. With... More »

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