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With the elections for the 9th Council of Stellar Management (CSM9) coming to a close in 5 days, at Midnight GMT on Tuesday April 22nd, we at CCP and the CSM wanted to help players get a better

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Taisy - Three Provists piloting stolen Caldari Navy Chimeras escaped Taisy after the capsuleer alliance Pandemic Legion protected them from the fleets that had come to destroy them. Numerous capsul

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Fanfest 2014 CCP Tour - Draw #6!

We are happy to annouce the sixth name that has been drawn from our pool of Fanfest ... More »

New Cruiser Skins - Week 2

The second in our weekly series of new cruiser skins is the Caracal Nugoeihuvi Editi... More »

A Quick Video From CCP Karkur!

We're happy to announce that CCP karkur has taken a little time out of her busy sch... More »

Join The Caldari Navy Manhunt!

We're happy to announce that from April 13 to 19, capsuleers will have the oppor... More »

CSM8 Winter Minutes Update: Ship Balancing

An Update to the CSM8 Winter Minutes has been released. The new version has the prev... More »

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