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Hello pilots, CCP Leeloo here to remind you that during Fanfest 2015, CCP Seagull announced the election results for the 10th Council of Stellar Management (CSM10). For more information about wha

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By ISD Caiden S’or and ISD Lunaire Elois Seyllin, Essence – On this fourth anniversary of the catastrophe which befell Seyllin I, ending countless lives on the planet and heralding

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New Eden Radio hosts CCP Dev request show on March 27

New Eden Radio is hosting a special radio show on March 27 from 12:00 UTC playing tr... More »

Fanfest game time offer extended by one week - Quafe skins included

Due to positive reception we are extending the Fanfest game time offers by one wee... More »

Tactical Destroyers Defect - Mode Item Drops

As some of our eagle eyed players may have noticed, there is currently a defect in EVE ... More »

Victorieux Luxury Yacht Now In Redeeming System

Tranquility emerged victorious from Worlds Collide! First off we want to congratulat... More »

Scylla Has Been Released Successfully

We are happy to announce that the Scylla release has been successfully deployed! ... More »

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