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This is the monthly Economic Report for November 2016.  Please click the graphs to enlarge them as needed. The raw data and graphs that make up this report can be downloaded here (21 MB).

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YULAI – An influx of capsuleers adopting the new Alpha Clone technology has bolstered the numbers of New Eden's elite pilots, despite a major escalation in Drifter activity and direct ass

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The Yoiul Festival Draws Near!

  We are happy to announce that this year's Holiday Event, The Yoiul Fest... More »

Removing the ability to deploy Outpost and Outpost upgrades with December 13

As we announced in the Engineering Complex dev blog in October, the upcoming release... More »

New SKIN for mining ships available: Morphite Shine

A beautiful gleaming red SKIN is now available in the New Eden Store, recreatin... More »

More Information On CCP Studio Visits Now Available!

From time to time we recieve requests from our pilots to visit CCP's studios,... More »

PLEX System available again

  After a short interruption of the PLEX service on November 29th, we are happy ... More »

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