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      Welcome to another blog on the upcoming Citadel expansion by Team Game of Drones. It’s been a while since we last discussed the Citadel feature and we felt so

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FD-MLJ, Syndicate – Speaking on behalf of the Upwell Consortium today, Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle of Intaki Bank announced the winners of the special prizes being issued to contrib

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Fanfest 2016: Alliance attendance prize draw!

As previously announced, alliances warping to Fanfest in fleets of 10 or more w... More »

Extended Daily Downtime - 2016/02/11

We would like to give advance notice that daily downtime will be extended by 15 minutes... More »

EVE's new logging tool, LogLite, is now available

Greetings Capsuleers, We have been developing a new and improved log viewing applicat... More »

Video contest for the next o7 show

Space friends! The next o7 show will air on Thursday February 25 and with Fanfest ... More »

Upwell Research Race is Ending at Midnight

Hello Capsuleers As announced by the Upwell Consortium, if you’ve been diligent... More »

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