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Tweet          Greetings citizens of EVE, The CSM 11 term is in its second half and we’re fast approaching the elections for CSM 12! In this blog

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YULAI – An influx of capsuleers adopting the new Alpha Clone technology has bolstered the numbers of New Eden's elite pilots, despite a major escalation in Drifter activity and direct ass

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New Eden Store: Convergence-Nova SKIN now available for Mordu's Legion ships

We are excited to announce the release of the Convergence-Nova SKIN for Mordu&#... More »

Fanfest Is Coming - Tickets Selling Fast!

2017 has dawned, and as we move forward past the first release of the year, Fanfe... More »

Timelapse - The Development Of EVE Online

Have you ever wondered what the code base of EVE Online looks like, and how it has c... More »

January release 119.1 has been deployed

Tweet    The EVE Online January release 119.1 has been deployed... More »

Credit Card Payment Issue Fixed!

Over the course of the last 36 hours we received a number of reports that players, e... More »

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