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  Make On-Grid Great Again! Hello again benevolent Capsuleers.   It’s happening! We here in Team Five 0 are preparing a massive reimagining of the fleet support roles i

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New Caldari – Leading megacorporations Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa have announced they are providing technical, logistical and material support to the Caldari Navy, "in order to facilitat

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Fast Checkout PLEX and Aurum Purchase Now Available In The New Eden Store

We are happy to announce that Fast Checkout for PLEX and Aurum purchases are now a... More »

Preview the next EVE Online expansion - Join the mass test on October 25 at 17:00 UTC

Join our next mass test this Tuesday, October 25th, and explore the latest EVE Online f... More »

Massive 50% discount on all Wiyrkomi and Justice ship SKINs

Celebrate the weekend and enjoy an exciting 50% discount on all Wiyrkomi and Justi... More »

2016/10/21 - Login Issues

      There are currently ongoing login issues due to the fa... More »

EVE Vegas Alliance Prize Draw Results!

On September 15th, we announced the EVE Vegas 2016 Alliance Prize Draw. With the dra... More »

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