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    Greetings industrious Capsuleers! This is CCP Fozzie bringing you another dev blog covering our Nullsec and Sovereignty changes coming on July 14th. Today’s dev blog co

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SARUM PRIME - In the last few moments The Scope Galactic News Network has been able to confirm that a Gnosis class battlecruiser registered to the Society of Conscious Thought has been destroyed in

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More New Skins Available In The New Eden Store!

We are happy to announce the addition of another 26 skins to the New Eden Store! ... More »

Clarification Regarding Jump Clones & Standings

   As some eagle eyed capsuleers have noticed, during the deployment of the... More »

Alliance Tournament XIII Prize Changes

Greetings prize seeking Capsuleers I’m pleased to announce two changes to th... More »

Discounts On Selected Frigate Skins In The New Eden Store!

We are happy to announce that discounts on a number of frigate SKINs are now availab... More »

Skillpoint gift awarded during daily downtime!

We are happy to announce that 50,000 skillpoints have been awarded to all characters wh... More »

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