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.twentytwenty-container { width: 550px; min-height: 309px !important;  margin-bottom: 2em; } Revamping every* ship in EVE is an intense process, leveraging the entirety of our art team fr

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YULAI – A number of representatives from Eifyr and Co. have been seen arriving at Inner Circle headquarters this afternoon, including the corporation’s Chief Executive, Chief Financial

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More EVE Vegas Speakers Confirmed!

We are happy to announce more speakers for EVE Vegas 2015 that include a selection o... More »

Guard and Rise headed for EVE New England - see you there!

EVE New England (August 6-9) is a truly unique experience for any EVE player who enjoys... More »

Bug reporting system maintenance on May 16 from 08:00 UTC

The EVE Online bug reporting system (accessible via the EVE Online website an... More »

Entosis Link Combat Testing on Singularity

Greetings Capsuleers! Starting from today, you are invited to join the 1st large scal... More »

EVEsterdam 2015 Tickets Now On Sale

We are happy to announce that tickets for EVEsterdam 2015 are now on sale! Evester... More »

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