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   Greetings Spacefriends, We hope you have had a wonderful start to 2017!  Here in the Reykjavik office, Team Genesis have been hard at work reading through the amazing feedb

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NEW CALDARI - C-Level management from both the Kaalakiota Corporation and its security arm, the Home Guard, have been called before the Chief Executive Panel this afternoon after the remains found

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New Eden Store: Guardian's Gala SKIN 3-in-1 bundle

Get three Guardian's Gala "Spirit" SKINS for Angel Cartel pirate shi... More »

The Next Stage Of Project Discovery: Exoplanet Research

Stage one of Project Discovery concluded during 2016, when our amazing community ... More »

New Eden Store: New 'Midnight' SKIN for SoCT ship hulls

Our brand new Midnight SKIN is now available for ships from the Society of Conscio... More »

Exploit Notification – Illicit Transfer of Items & Ships Between Upwell Structures

  An issue has been brought to our attention this morning, which allows players ... More »

The Permaband wants YOU!

The Permaband is looking to collaborate with a few music-loving permaband fans on a new... More »

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