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New Customer Support Help Center. Greetings honorable Capsuleers, As some of you may already have noticed, we have been running our Technical Support through a beta version of a new Help Cente

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YULAI – The Directive Enforcement Department has struck out at a group of capsuleers after their refusal to hand over remains believed to be that of former Zainou Biotech scientist Dr Hilen T

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Patch notes for Aegis are now available

The patch notes for the Aegis update have been released and are available here. Aegis... More »

Third EVE Vegas Ticket Draw Winner Announced!

On June 8th, week we announced the first round of EVE Vegas 2015 ticket holder ... More »

Alliance Tournament XIII Schedule Released

Greetings Competitive Capsuleers! The final schedule for Alliance Tournament is now a... More »

Changes to Video Monetization Policy

After concerns were raised by members of the community relating to clarity of our polic... More »

Notice to Alliance Tournament Teams: Battlecruiser Points Change

Greetings Strategizing Capsuleers Due to the Battlecruiser changes being pushed back ... More »

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