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Howdy Ishtar lovers Although us balance-oriented folks have been very busy working on things like the NPE and Sov (!?), we took some time aside to put together a high-impact pass for Scylla (Marc

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VILLORE – President Jacus Roden has been sworn in for a second term of office during an inauguration ceremony held at Senate Headquarters, in orbit of the sixth moon of Villore Seven. Lead

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Player-Driven Events At Fanfest!

Mirroring EVE's sci-fi sandbox, Fanfest 2015 will have a more players-first approac... More »

Testing EVE Online Download-on-Demand - Your first steps!

Please read the following information before you log onto the test server Singularity f... More »

New Player Opportunities are now available on Tranquility

The recent improvements to the New Player Experience - the new Opportunity system&... More »

Client Audio Issues Workaround

We have been made aware of an issue that may potentially cause performance issues for p... More »

CSM Voting Is Open NOW!

We are happy to announce that voing for the Tenth Council of Stellar Management is n... More »

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