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The time to kick off EVE Vegas 2017 is drawing closer and in just a few weeks, more than a thousand capsuleers will descend on Sin City for the largest ever gathering of pilots outside EVE Fanfe

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Amarr Prime – The first anniversary of the coronation of Empress Catiz I is to be celebrated in a Jubilee Week festival beginning Monday and culminating in a ritual renewal of vows of obedien

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EVE Gate Shutdown – Wednesday September 27th

As part of our roadmap to overhaul the web presence of EVE Online, we’ve come to ... More »

Project Discovery Tutorial Video and AMA on r/science Thursday!

Want to know more about Project Discovery and how to contribute to real world science v... More »

Got Swag? Player Content For The EVE Vegas Welcome Pack!

EVE Vegas is so close that over here in Iceland we can already feel the warm Nevada ... More »

New Eden Store: New Valkyrie battleship SKINs

A brand new set of ship SKINs is available for you in the New Eden Store: Valkyrie... More »

A new live event: The Agency - Warzone Extraction

In celebration of the release of EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone on 26 September, we have a ... More »

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