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     Good afternoon pilots! Last year after a number of issues relating to the ownership of alliance logos, we placed logo submissions on hold temporarily while we reviewed our a

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TAMO - The Scope can now confirm that the Caldari Navy has transferred ownership of an impounded Serpentis Corporation vessel to Propel Dynamics at their factory in orbit of Tamo VI - Moon 18. Th

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Art Of New Eden Limited Edition Sales Close This Weekend!

The Limited Edition of The Art Of New Eden will be available for the next 36 hours (... More »

Join the next mass test this Thursday, April 9th

In preparation for our next release we welcome you to join the next EVE Online mass tes... More »

o7 airs this Wednesday, April 1 at 20:00 EVE Time

o7: The EVE Online show will be with you this Wednesday at 20:00 EVE time on our Twitch... More »

New Eden Radio hosts CCP Dev request show on March 27

New Eden Radio is hosting a special radio show on March 27 from 12:00 UTC playing tr... More »

Fanfest game time offer extended by one week - Quafe skins included

Due to positive reception we are extending the Fanfest game time offers by one wee... More »

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