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    .twentytwenty-container { width: 550px; min-height: 309px !important;  margin-bottom: 2em; }       Spaceships! The universe of EVE depends

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YULAI – The newly-formed Upwell Consortium today revealed that it is developing a new line of space stations for the capsuleer market that it is branding as "Citadels". The annou

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CCP Streams: The Honorable Developer Duel

Hello Capsuleers Today as part of CCP Streams, we will have CCP Foxfour take on CCP F... More »

Test the new visual damage effects during the mass test on November 26 at 17:00 UTC

We invite you to test the new visual damage effects with our next mass test on Thursday... More »

CCP Streams: Live Concept Art session

Hello capsuleers Today we will have CCP Jorg joining us on our twitch channel for a l... More »

EVE Black Friday Sale Now Live!

We are happy to announce that the EVE Online Black Friday sale is now live, with d... More »

CCP Streams : Worst Fit Ever Roam

As part of the holiday season this year, the Community Team is looking at putting toget... More »

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