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       We have been working on a new way to install and update the EVE client, and are now ready to give you a preview of a brand new launcher. How is it different

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Amarr Prime – The Imperial Succession Committee today announced the inclusion of House Khanid in the Championship Trials, in a development that will be shocking to some but perhaps not too su

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Skillpoint Grant to New Characters Following Starting Skills Change

Hello players Following the change to the skills new characters start with, 300,000 u... More »

EVE Vegas Schedule Preview!

With EVE Vegas only a couple of weeks away and close to being sold out, we're ... More »

Caldari Blue Tiger Skins Now Available In The New Eden Store!

We are happy to announce that the full range of Blue Tiger SKINs for Caldari hulls... More »

EVE London Is Coming - November 21st, 2015!

As the oldest EVE player gathering still on the calendar, EVE London has developed a... More »

EVE Vegas Is Almost Sold Out!

We're delighted to announce that EVE Vegas 2015 is super close to being a comple... More »

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