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Unboxing that new camera Good day spaceship people. We have been actively working on a massive upgrade to the EVE in-space camera over the last few months. We initially released it to our public

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FD-MLJ, Syndicate – Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle has announced that the Upwell Consortium's "First Citadels" research component program will come to an end at midnight

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Video contest for the next o7 show

Space friends! The next o7 show will air on Thursday February 25 and with Fanfest ... More »

Upwell Research Race is Ending at Midnight

Hello Capsuleers As announced by the Upwell Consortium, if you’ve been diligent... More »

February Release has been deployed on February 9

We welcome you to the EVE Online February Release which has been successfully deployed ... More »

Skill Trading Launch and Offers on AUR, Subscriptions and Plex

Hello Capsuleers With the upcoming February release launching the Skill Trading syste... More »

SSO Issues and Unscheduled Downtime on February 8, 2016

Hello Players Today (8 February) we applied an update to Tranquility’s login se... More »

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