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The EVE Online community is well known for its amazing charitable nature, despite the wars that rage in game, the vicious conflicts that erupt between alliances vying for power, and the general

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NEW CALDARI - Non capsuleer traffic began to flow across the Caldari-Gallente border for the first time in three months today, after the CEP voted to lift border restrictions with the Federation th

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Skill Queue Issue - Reimbursement Complete!

We are happy to announce that reimbursement has been completed for all those who lost s... More »

Mass test on Singularity on Tuesday, June 27th

Hello Capsuleers We are planning to run a mass test on Singularity to help test chang... More »

Skill Queue Reimbursement Early Next Week!

An update is currently in the process of being finalized that will reimburse all ski... More »

15% Off Multiple Character Training! - One Week Left!

With seven days left of the Rogue Swarm Alert, there's only a week remaining to ... More »

New Eden Store: Sisters of EVE Expeditionary Suit

We are excited to present completely new apparel in the New Eden Store: The Sister... More »

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