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Greetings Spacefriends, What an exciting time to be a capsuleer in New Eden!  After the fall of the beloved Empress Jamyl I to the ruthless Drifter forces and the subsequent Succession Trial

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LISUDEH – The Office of Press for the Emperor Family has been left speechless in the last few moments, as confirmation has just arrived that Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has crossed the Amarr-Mata

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Alliance Tournament XIV Is Almost Upon Us

Hello Capsuleers Alliance Tournament XIV begins in just under two weeks on October 1s... More »

50% Discount! Valimor Legacy SKINs On Sale In the New Eden Store!

We are happy to announce that all Valimor Legacy SKINs for Gallente hulls are now ... More »

The EVE Vegas Pub Crawl is back, and now with a twist!

The Friday-night Pub Crawl has been an indispensable part of EVE Vegas for year... More »

The o7 show airs this Sunday (Sept 25) at 20:00 UTC

Make sure to cancel all your important Sunday plans because 'o7: The EVE Online sho... More »

Last Chance To Claim Your Celebratory Rewards!

As was announced previously, the arrival of Clone States as part of a massive e... More »

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