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          Designer SKINs to please your eyes   Greetings capsuleers! Various designers across the universe have secured contracts to cre

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NANDEZA – The Amarr Empire's Ministry of War has confirmed reports from independent observers that, within the last hour, elements of the Imperial Navy have engaged a concentration of Dri

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EVE Online is Currently On Sale in the Humble Store

EVE Online is currently on sale in the Humble Store. The Humble Store is run by the sam... More »

Another EVE Vegas 2015 Ticket Holder Draw Winner Announced!

On August 18th, week we announced the second round of EVE Vegas 2015 ticke... More »

Defence Of The Throne Worlds Content Disabled

We have decided to suspend the Defence of the Throne Worlds incursions for the time bei... More »

New Designer SKINS Now Available In The New Eden Store!

We are happy to announce that the first batch of designer SKINs are now available ... More »

Patching and Connectivity Issues

Hello Players At the moment we are experiencing some issues with our backend services... More »

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