Alliance Leader:
Sapporo Jones

Dran Arcana

Diplomatic contacts:

Direct all corporation recruitment inquiries to
Dran Arcana

Guy repsonsible for corporation recruitment and onboarding and corp services setup and all other corp stuff:
Dran Arcana

Diplomatic chat - join
test_diplo_office <-- NEW!

Test Warning Please Ignore:

If someone tells you it costs money to get in, you are being scammed and you deserve it for not reading this.

All official Test Alliance Please Ignore sites are under the domain. Any other address is probably a scam. For any requests, join
TEST Alliance Public in game.
If someone who is not listed above is saying it will cost ISK to set standings or offers to rent you space, you are also being scammed.

No we will not return your money if you were scammed unless you are one of our blues, sorry.