Vehemens Letum > do NOT warp to station unless u are a war machine
Buhhdust Princess > I R WAR MASHIN

The Internetz > unfortunately i put my slave omega into my +4s

Helicity Boson > Daredevil is a magical Vorpal Taranis +1

leboe > sentry drones dont require drone spec. and this makes me happy
leboe > as if id ever need to use prorator 2s
inSpirAcy > transport sentries, fuck yea

Grath Telkin > ben's killed more pl caps than the entire NC
Grath Telkin > the mans a god damn hero at this point

Anderson Williams > No one fucking cared about Pyschotic tendencies.. those fucking R&K coattail riding cock jockies wouldnt fight us for fear of our "epic" cap fleet that we supposedly have
Anderson Williams > which we dont.. nor ever will..
TimNeilson > I think booley counts as a capfleet hth

Teantis > your fleet is in JH-, bacch