Dancin' on the light from star to star. -- Neil Young

Signal Cartel is New Eden's premier exploration corp, with a neutral, peaceful, service-oriented playstyle and family friendly environment. More info here. Join our public channel and chat or ask questions about exploration and much else --> EvE-Scout

Signal Cartel's free Expedition TripTiks make tourist jaunts to interesting locations in New Eden easy!

@Mynxee | Signal Sojourns


Signatures spawn, and now my survey begins. It shall not end until my death, when it shall begin again. I shall make no aggression, hold no sov. I shall have no kills and win no glory. I shall live and die in my pod. I am the beacon in the darkness. I am the scanner on the event horizon. I am the scout that maps the realms of men. I pledge my clone and my honor to the Signal Cartel, for this signature and all the signatures to come.